About Candid Chloe’s Closet

I created a store on Facebook near the beginning of 2017 in hopes of making a little extra cash while I attend college as a Finance major.  My first venture into the realm of retail did not prove to be very lucrative, c’est la vie.  Although I wish I could’ve written a much larger check, a portion of the profit margin was given to charity.  Five percent of all Chloe’s Closet profits were donated to St. Jude to make a positive impact on the lives of young cancer patients.


Now, I am hoping to convert a second online business into a source of passive income.  The new plan involves building a substantial online business following a combination of Pat Flynn’s plan for generating passive income and the Anton Method for drop-shipping.  Gaining the necessary experience before I restart is essential to success.


My big, red STOP sign materialized in May:  I was forced to dissolve the business after losing my partner.  You can still follow my journey as I start from the ground-up, end the relationship with Chloe’s Closet, and begin the search for my ‘one true {entrepreneurial} love anew!  In addition, you can follow me on Instagram  @candidchloescloset, Pinterest Chloe Smithson with the boards ‘Things I am selling’ and ‘Jingling Jewelry’, or Twitter @Chloe_____sun.


Stuck in limbo might be the best way to describe my life until I have a more concrete course of action.  Granted, it’s an extremely active state of limbo.  This blog’s focus has recently drifted away from the original themes.  You are welcome to send me post ideas if you find a specific topic you’d like to better understand.  Until 2018 arrives you can find me doing the same thing as everyone else:  figuring out the next steps towards a fulfilling life.



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