New Beginnings

I will be creating an entirely new business entity because I lost a business partner. All of my existing vendors will be transferred over as soon as possible. Vendors have priority over anyone else.

I know I have made a few promises that have not happened recently; if these have affected you I apologize. I have been trying to graduate. Graduation is pending until August. Chloe’s Closet’s name will be changed.

The new name will not be announced until I create the page, but any ownership anyone thought they previously had because of any sort of legal device will be completely and totally revoked. It is a separate entity with a different name and different business model. I will not be including even half as many products. I wish to pivot the business to be more service-oriented.

Vendors are safe, everything you want to be sold will be posted to the new page.  If you have messaged me about your products, they will eventually be sold.  As far as I am concerned, Chloe’s Closet no longer exists.  I never did get a business license; therefore,  any contracts made under the name of Chloe’s Closet are void because Chloe’s Closet was not considered a business in legal terms.  Any income made from Chloe’s Closet will be reported on my taxes.  Honestly, considering the amount of money I invested into Chloe’s Closet, I did not do make much profit beyond the break even point.  As previously stated, the new name will be announced upon the start of the new page.

Just as a precaution, any posts that anyone makes to defame my character on social media will be saved.  Libel and Slander are not acceptable in any fashion, and hateful comments made online do count as words spoken to the general public.  I will not respond to these types of posts.  If you have someone harassing you online, I encourage you NOT to respond to the attacker.  Bullies feed off of your reactions.  Save a written copy of whatever the person is saying about you, and delete the negative comment if you can.  Reach out to someone who can help if you feel that is necessary.


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