The art of being a bump-on-a-log

I’ve been very, VERY lazy lately.  Hence the couple of weeks or so hiatus.  April has honestly not been my finest month.  This happened to me last year, but I did recover academically for the most part.  This year…I didn’t get so lucky.  Let’s just say I’ll be staying until August of 2017.  Look out UTM, I’m still a poor, unemployed student.  *Hint, hint, hire me on campus, please.*  


Also, please buy from me for Mothers Day!  It’s this Sunday, May 14th, and I will do one day shipping if necessary.  I’ll even send you a card with a poem on notebook paper that you can transcribe onto the card.  Mom’s love that stuff.  I’ve written SO many holiday poems.  I’ll make one specifically for you if you want to share one or two great childhood memories and/or awesome characteristics about your mom.  If you’re lucky, she might even cry from the sheer sweetness of it all.  You can take full credit for it if she’ll believe you.  I don’t mind as long as I’m paid.


I really do need a job, but the good news is (skip this paragraph if you read the last article) I have procured a freelance writing gig at the Weakly County Press that pays for about what the gas will cost when I drive down to get the check.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to be working with them doing what I love.  This is just freelance work, though.  It is NOT the full-time job I need.


My  boyfriend however, does have a somewhat full-time job.  It’s with a landscaping company owned by one man, that’s why it’s sometimes full-time.  This week, said man is out of town so my man is out of a job.  Very big BOO, because my car needs a new tire pronto.  As in my main man looked at it and said, “there’s no tread on the top.”  I’ve already had one blow out on the highway in exactly the middle of nowhere.  That resulted in a $200 tire, damage to the rim, and finding out I needed another, different $200 part replaced.  I’d prefer not to have another pesky blow-out.


So I’ll be eagerly awaiting a check I requested from my mutual funds.  A check I requested three weeks ago, had to get voided, and is now being resent.  Blah.  That’s the only downside of 8% interest per year; I believe it’s per year.  I have to wait forever and a day when I’m flat broke right now.  If you want my advice though, I would still recommend mutual funds or a money market account.  Ask a certified financial advisor which one is right for you.  Your local bank can refer you to an advisor if you do not know one.  Some advisors, particularly young ones in small towns I would guess, will do an initial meeting for free.  I’m working on getting certified, so maybe one day you can come to yours truly for money advice.  As for now, about all I can legally do is set you up a budget.  But hey, I have first hand experience with living on one of those now.


If mutual funds are too slow for you, buy this book called “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss.  Ferriss also has a great podcast called “The Tim Ferriss Show” where he interviews all kinds of amazing people from all walks of life.  The book “Millionaire FastTrack – How To Double Your Income In 12 Months: Live Rich Now” by Lonnie Avery is also splendid.  I know it sounds scammy, but this is not another ‘get rich quick’ scheme.  I’ve only read a couple of chapters of the first book, but it’s shorter and easier to digest.  The second book probably has more concrete information, and it includes most of the author’s back story.  I think “The 4-Hour Workweek” only includes bits and pieces of Tim Ferriss’s life.  I know there are other “4-Hour” books covering topics such as health and cooking.  I’ve heard good things about everything by Timothy Ferriss; I’d recommend most things he makes.


My personal budget is REAL.  It’s a work in process, too.  I had a great system freshman year of college, back when I actually had money.  I had a preordained amount of money to spend in each specific spending category each week.  I think I only had five categories though, I would definitely recommend making more than that.  I generally ended up going WAY over in gas and not spending in any other category except maybe food.  In the fall, food wasn’t a factor.  In the spring, I saved tons of money by cutting out half of my meal-plan.  It was ridiculous the first semester, though.  I had SO many unused meals in the cafeteria.  That was sort of the cafeteria’s fault.  The cafeteria was slower, and it did NOT have sushi.  The other dining options did.


Anyways, on to something more relevant.  I have not been reading much of anything as my extremely sad grades reflect.  I don’t have any new wisdom to spread from the entrepreneur book, but I do have plenty of quotes picked out already.  I plan to do GPA open-heart surgery from now through the fall of 2017.  Praise the Lord and the Rotary Club, I was able to keep ONE scholarship.  My grades are obviously nobody’s fault buy my own.  Somehow, that doesn’t make me feel any better about it.  I’m the girl that’s made a total of two Cs in her lifetime.  This semester is highly atypical.


Oh how I ramble even after I say I’m going to stop rambling.  Woops.  Ok, so about fashion or something like that.  Let’s take a look into the future, first.  Prada is having a fashion show in Milan in 2018.  Here’s a link if you’re interested in watching that in a year’s time: .


Now something that is near and dear to my heart yet out of my current financial range… music festivals.  Oh my goodness, I want to go to one.  I want to go to Tomorrowland, Bonnaroo, Float Fest, Memphis in May, Burning Man, and so many others I don’t even know about yet.  As of this moment, I spent seven years in band and have not been to any type of concert outside of classical music and a small-town Soybean fest concert featuring Joan Jet.  Joan Jet was cool, don’t get me wrong, but she’s not in my personal top ten artists.  If you want my advice, NEVER buy more than two concert tickets at a time.  I bought four, ended up not being able to go, and I could only sell two of them.  Two tickets to Fall Out Boy went UNSOLD!  It was tragic.  One of my top ten regrets in life is skipping that concert.  The fact that missing a concert made my top ten regrets makes me feel slightly better about my recently terrible academic decisions.


If you want advice on what to wear to a music festival, you can raid my closet, or you can check out this website: .  Nope, I’m not too old for that magazine.  I would LOVE to shop for your personal festival outfit.  That would be so fun, especially the jewelry.  I love the fun colors and shapes that often show up in music festivals.  A flower crown or something similar on your head is a MUST.  I can make one of those…or find a really cute one and personalize it somehow.  Moons and stars are big this year.  Floral patterns are everywhere, as are rompers.  I still dig the boho and aztec looks.  Be bright, bold, and big in your fashion for festivals.  Go all out.  It should be a highlight of your life filled with colorful memories if you aren’t one of the lucky few with music festivals on your monthly agenda.


I’m not going to go too in-depth about any one of these festivals, but I will tell you which ones you can still attend THIS year.  

Tomorrowland is overseas for awhile.  There have been rumors about Tomorrowland coming back to America sometime in 2017, but I have not found any official declarations.  Here’s the information about the shows they will be putting on soon (It’s in all caps because they put it in all caps and it’s easy to find).  USHUAÏA IBIZA BEACH HOTEL PLAYA D’EN BOSSA, IBIZA EVERY TUESDAY 4TH JULY – 29TH AUGUST.  They just left Belgium.  I had a friend go to this festival when it was in the USA in 2016, and she said hard drugs are EVERYWHERE.  So be careful and lock your car doors, to say the least.  Another word of advice, if it rains, leave as soon as possible.  If you don’t, apparently a large percentage of the parking lot becomes a mud-pit.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.37.03 AM

Bonnarroo is June 8th-11th in Manchester, TN.  It’s somewhere in middle-ish Tennessee.  It’s sort-of out in the middle of nowhere.  There is lots of marijuana, to be blunt.  If you’re not ok with being around it, this might not be your scene.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.35.57 AM

Float Fest is in Martindale, Texas zip code 78655.  Here’s an address:  601 Dupuy Ranch Rd .  I don’t know what it’s close to.  I don’t know much about Texas.  I’ve been twice, and I enjoyed my stay both times.  This music fest sounds like tons of fun to me.  It’s more affordable than some of the other options if money is tight.  Day passes start at about $70.  I have never been to this one, and I don’t know anyone who has been.  You’ll have to read more about it yourself to see if it’s your kind of thing.  You can look for a good craft-beer since it’s Texas.  The lineup can probably best be described as pop-alternative plus some electronica.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.34.27 AM

I think I’ve talked about Burning Man somewhat in a separate blog, but I need to do an edit.  I’ll look for a link to that blog, too.  Earlier I was under the impression that burning man music is primarily death-metal.  Now I’ve read that it’s primarily electronic and/or techno.  This is a very art-based festival.  It did not begin as a music festival.  Most people will think it’s just plumb weird.  I want to see the sites.  It’s called Burning Man because they have a giant, wooden sculpture of a man which is burned at some point in the festival, probably near the end if I had to guess.  It’s a big sculpture, so that could take a while.  Some people (not myself) just want to watch the world burn :).

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 5.38.19 AM

Sadly, Memphis in May is over for 2017.  It ended May 7th.  That’s ok, there’s always next year.  You’ve got to go to the good Central BBQ when you go to Memphis (the good one is the one that is NOT on Central street here’s the address of my favorite location:  EAST 4375 Summer).  You should also try Tops BBQ.  Tops is a chain which started in Memphis around 60 years ago.  They’ve now expanded to have an impressive 15 locations in Memphis alone.  I’d say it’s a top chain restaurant :P.  I’ve never tried Rendezvous, it’s the most expensive option.  I’ve heard mixed reviews from the people who have tried it.  Basically anywhere you’ll eat downtown is good.  Kooky Canuck has a giant pan cookie that is to die for.  SO GOOD!  It’s a Canadian-themed restaurant.  Fun and unique; I mean everybody loves Canada, right?  Here’s their website: .


That’s about all I’ve got for now.  Don’t be a lazy-bum and become a four-and-a-half year college student like me.  Four years if PLENTY; I promise.  Use your advisors, use your friends who are actually good at scheduling and/or upper class-men whom you trust to help you make your class schedule.  I never liked making the schedule and my school’s class program is about as user friendly as C++.  Some of you pros out there are like “OMG C++ that’s a beginner language, so easy,” well…I failed the class.  I humbly disagree with you pros. That’s the one class I may not take twice in order to avoid failing it twice.  One more thing, even if you don’t get it from me, please get your mother a little something for mother’s day if you’re lucky enough to still have your mom around.  She did raise you, after all, for better or worse.

“My greatest challenge in starting this business wasn’t how to create the product or deal with the technology, but how to manage my own guilt as a working mother. I had to unshackle myself from the unrealistic expectations I had put on myself as a modern working woman. I don’t know who told me I had to make the baby food—it was all self-inflicted. Women today are a transition generation. When you go to build something transformative in the business world, there’s still that little voice in your head that says, “What are you doing?” So you feel like you’re failing. I really worked on managing guilt, because it’s a terrible waste of time and energy.” -Jessica Herrin










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