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Did you know there’s a website where you can sign up now to colonize Mars?  I realize that’s completely unrelated to anything I normally talk about, but how cool is that?  I wonder what people will wear on Mars.  Now that’s a semi-relevant question I could spend some time exploring.

In fact, I think I will.  Chanel did a futuristically based fashion show this year.  Remember, Rocket Man.  They’re launching rockets, I can’t do my homework, all that jazz.  That’s still kind-of accurate…but it’s been better lately.  I got really good news in computer science that I can make up old assignments for a few extra points.  That is SO awesome.
So, Martian clothes.  Because that’s what you would kind-of be if you moved there; a Martian.  The people born there will be true Martians.  This reminds me of the movie, Passengers.  That is SUCH a good movie, if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it.  Interstellar is also very good.  The one with Matt Damon going crazy and growing potatoes was OK.  That one was set on Mars, I think.  It was a cool concept.  More science behind it than Interstellar.  I liked Interstellar better though.  It may have been partly because of Matthew McConahay.
Anyways, I think there would be a lot of shiny materials.  I’m stealing that idea from the fashion shows, but when I think of space suits, I think white, a little bit of orange, and a shiny layer of insulation underneath.  There would also be tons of white.  I think they would have to wear helmets for a while, until they grew enough plants to create a breathable atmosphere.  Jumpsuits.  Customizable, space jumpsuits.  How much fun is that?
The NASA logo would be the equivalent to our Nike logo.  There would be knockoffs (maybe like Russia’s space program, lol sorry Russians), but they wouldn’t be the same.  Say what you like about Russia getting a man in space first, we got to THE MOON first.  I’ll argue that we got the cooler thing, even if we lost.
It would be so interesting to see what kind of accents, culture, foods, and rituals would survive on Mars.  I picture it being something like Alaska.  If you’ve ever watched the shows about the Alaskan people who go off the grid, you know what I mean.  All of the people, even within the same family, will develop a different manner of speaking.  They sound different, they have their own language to a point (it’s still English based), and they generally look different, too.  I’ve watched one show about it and read, Into the Wild.  Both were thoroughly entertaining.
I think people would have really crazy hairstyles.  Bright colors.  Think of the rich people from The Hunger Games. People might go crazy bold with makeup, too.  In a world where everyone wears a jumpsuit, you have to have some way to show off your personality via fashion.  Jumpsuits would be customizable to a point, but they would all be the same largely shapeless lumps.  I’m not thinking they’ll be made of any kind of flimsy spandex material, oh no.  These will be hardcore, poofy space-suits.
 This is all purely speculation.  *Any resemblance to what actually happens when people do colonize Mars is purely coincidental :). I have no idea what’s in store for human-kind.  It’s unexplored territory.  An open frontier.  Space and the oceans are in a way, the last frontiers for mankind.  Space, by a whole lot, is the larger of the two.  I don’t see myself moving to Mars.  For those of you brave enough to do it, follow the links provided at the top of the blog. Good luck to you, you brave pioneer.  Happy traveling.
“Across the sea of space the stars are other suns,” -Carl Sagan.


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  1. Check out “one a.m. and still fabulous (sort of)” for more information about the Chanel fashion show I mentioned!


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