Cosplay Commotion

One trend that’s been sweeping the nation lately is cosplay.  There are many different types of cosplaying, I think.  I honestly don’t know much about it.   I wish I could get in touch with my former roommate, Dessie.  She’s a hardcore cosplayer.  She goes to conventions regularly, and her handmade costumes are truly amazing.  Her dream job is designing costumes for Disney.  She currently works at Disney World in Orlando, FL but I’m not sure exactly what she does.  I know it’s not wardrobe prep, yet.  I have faith in her.  She’s really talented.

People like her make me wish I’d been an art major.  But then I snap back to reality and I say, “Wait, I’d have to compete with people like Dessie,” and then I’m more ok with my sometimes boring, semi-practical Finance degree.
People ask me all the time what do I even plan to do with a Finance degree.  I say, “ummmmm, I don’t know.  Maybe be a financial advisor?”  That’s honestly a back-up plan.  That’s if I can’t find something more fun to do.  I’d love to take a marketing job.  I say as every marketing major ever rises slowly up out of the trashcan behind me to stab me in the back.  Good paying marketing jobs are about as rare as diamonds.  They don’t appear very often.  There are WAY too many door to door, commission only deals out there.  Word of advice; if you can’t sell ‘widgets’ really well, DO NOT go into insurance.  It’s a trap! A commission only trap; that’s the worst kind.
Back to cosplay.  The idea is that you make your own costumes of characters from movies, TV shows, video games, books, etc. which you truly love.  The costumes MUST be handmade.  Store-bought costumes are frowned upon.  That’s cheating.  If I were to do cosplay, I’m not going to lie, I would probably hire out part of the sewing.  Do you know how difficult it is to sew a straight line???  I’m not great with sewing machines.  They’re a pain to thread, and they mess up entirely too often.
The only cosplay I can see myself doing anytime soon is a child’s birthday party as a princess.  I’m not sure if this counts, but Dessie used to run that gig as Elsa with her best friend playing Anna.  They were the spitting image of the characters.  It was freaky.  Now, I’m fairly certain Dessie’s friend Heather acts as Anna at Disney.  Good for her.  She must be a real go-getter chasing her dreams like that.  It’s awesome.
I would jump at the chance to work at Disney world.  Who wouldn’t?  I know four people who work there.  I know two of them pretty well.  That might help, but I don’t know how.  The only thing is, since I’m a finance major I would probably get stuck in some boring desk job at Disney.  That’s no fun :(.  It would be better than wearing one of the giant character costumes though.  You know, the ones that look like they’re 1002 degrees Fahrenheit?  Mickey, Minnie, Pooh-Bear, etc.
If you think cosplay is something you could get behind, there are all kinds of resources you could check out to get ideas for costumes, how to make them, or how to find cosplay conventions.  I’m sorry if I’m using the wrong form of the word cosplay.  I think it’s a noun, but it can also be used as a verb of sorts.  Maybe that’s called a gerund when it has an -ing, I’m not sure.
I had to take a class where I diagrammed about 500 sentences.  It was in news writing, and the program was EGUMPP.  I spent a lot of time on EGUMMP, ending up with close to a 91.  I might have tried harder than anyone in that class.  My level of commitment was odd because I was one of two non-communication majors.  Well, the communications department didn’t know that yet.  About halfway through the first semester of my sophomore year I decided to be a finance major instead of communications.  I think the communications department misses me.  I probably boosted their GPA marginally.
No offense communications majors, it’s just that there are exactly two types of you.  Those who try REALLY hard and care a lot, and those of you who do not care about anything in life at all.  That’s been my experience, at least.  It sucks so hard when you get stuck in a group project with the latter kind.  I despise group projects.  I always end up doing all of the work.  I’m that girl.
One more thing you can do for cosplay is dressing in normal clothes as a character.  Some video game characters wear clothes that you wouldn’t be gawked at for wearing in the street.  For example, you could cosplay as Max from Life is Strange without getting too many weird looks.  I prefer Chloe to Max, but I’m more like Max.  That seems to happen to me pretty often.
For example, I like Serena in Gossip Girl better than Blair, but I’m so much more like Blair.  I’m less type-A than the queen-B.  I can relate to Vanessa’s character in the show as well.  I’m probably more like Blair, though.  She’s just neurotic enough to be funny, and she tries to be super organized, and she has to get into the best college.  She has to have the best grades, she must have the best clothes {of course}.  I wish my mom was a major fashion-line designer.  I would have so much fun with that.  I’m not like Blair in the power-hungry or the ability to be completely heartless aspect, though.  That being said, Blair did have a heart.  Chuck and Blair forever.  They were one of my favorite on-screen couples of all time.  So much better than Serena and Dan.  Let’s be real, Serena is too hot for him.  Vanessa should be with Dan.  I did like her and Nate, though.  It was kind of a forbidden love, because she’s poor.  Did Nate ever even end up with anyone?  I can’t remember.
One more counter-example.  In Friends, I am my favorite character.  I am Phoebe, through and through.  I am her and she is me.  “Smelly cat, Smellllly cat. What are they feeding you?? Smelly cat, Smelllllly cat. It’s not your fault!”  I love her so much.  She is wonderful in every way.  “My grandmother’s famous recipe was called ‘Neseley tullehooose’.”  Monica turns around with a death stare, “Nestle Tollhouse?!?”  They had been making cookies for days trying to figure out what the recipe actually was.  Phoebe had bags of frozen cookies, and they had just eaten the last one.
I think that’s quite enough about myself.  That may not have been enough relevant information about cosplay.  I apologize for that.  Check out these resources to find the good stuff:
“When given the opportunity, wear a costume,” -annonymous


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