It’s so close, you can almost taste it…

The jewelry and painting party, that is.  

Did you really expect me to talk about anything else?  I mean, I could talk about the 10 page management page I’m currently suppposed to be writing, or the computer science test I’m 99% sure I bombed Wednesday, but I don’t think you really want to hear about those anyways.  

I’m mainly just posting to let everyone know I will officially announce the location of the party on Monday.  I may not get around to writing a blog post until Tuesday or Wednesday due to a lovely little philosophy exam I’ll be taking next week (joy, oh SUCH A JOY 🙃🤗🙄), but I will have a venue by Monday.  It might not be exactly the venue I was hoping for… but I’ll make it work.  

If you’re lucky enough to live in the South where the winters are milder, the tea is sweeter, and the accents are thicker like me, then you might be revving-up for the Kentucky Derby.  I’m off to the races on May 6th, and with any luck I’ll be returning a little richer than I arrive.  Regardless of money, I know we all want to arrive IN STYLE!  Here’s a few of my favorite looks for a little Derby inspiration. 

If you haven’t noticed, they’re really big on their hats (oh so much pun intended).  So by all means, go all out.  Yes, I do mean ALL out.  Think big, bright, bold, and bring on the floral.  If you can’t remember all that, try this acronym BBBF.  I hope what it stands for is self-explanatory.  

For those of you who haven’t had your coffee yet, also those who just ate and are settling into the 2:00 procrastination slump, it’s Big, Bright, Bold, Floral (BBBF, copyrighted as of now).  “Until you go to the Kentucky Derby with your own eyes, behold the Derby, you ain’t never been nowhere and you ain’t never seen nothing,” -Irvin S. Cobb.  


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