Jewelry and Painting Party Announcement!

Come one, come all to this grand affair. I am going to host my first ever jewelry and painting showing party on Saturday, April 1st from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. I know it’s April fools, but as long as I have any say in the matter this is really happening.

I’m fairly excited about this party, but I’m also kind of nervous. What if nobody shows up? What if nobody orders anything? That would just be plum depressing honestly. I’m trying to keep my expectations low for now, this is the first time I’ve done anything like this, after all. I don’t know exactly where I am going to have this event yet, but as soon as I know, all of you will know. For all of my fellow foodies out there, snacks and drinks will be provided. I’ll try to have at least one, maybe two boxes of wine depending upon how many people say they are coming. Free alcohol is always a good idea when you’re trying to sell things.

Next week in school is going to be the week when absolutely everything is due all at once, so I’m doing my best to not think about that week whenever I’m not nose-deep in the books. In fact, this blog is a splendid little way to procrastinate.

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. I hope you wore green to avoid being pinched by the more annoying people of the world. I wore a green flannel tied at the waist over a black t-shirt with jeans. I also sported a green bracelet, some four-leaf clover earrings, and green Hard Candy lipstick. That lipstick smells and tastes like green apple. I love it.

In parting news, I have yet another special on prom dresses going on this weekend. All dresses priced under $100 are $5 off, and all dresses priced over $100 are $10 off until Sunday at midnight. I just found several cute new dresses to add to my website at a source which I cannot currently disclose. All I can say is that these dresses are adorable and highly affordable. You can be ballin’ on a budget. “You can dance. You can jive. Having the time of your life. See that girl. Watch that scene. Dig in the dancing queen,” – Abba “Dancing Queen.”


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