Pride and Proving a Point

I am choosing to be annoying and do a double post tonight only because this is an emergency. I need to prove my boyfriend wrong. Ladies in a relationship, I know you’ll understand. The moment your boyfriend questions you about something he knows absolutely nothing about will be a moment that lives in infamy in your memory. It’s even worse when he outright says you are wrong.

Well, he has made false claims that velvet is not in style. OH CONTRAIRE. To prove him wrong, I searched other reputable fashion blogs. : “As rich and luxe as the velvet fabric itself, so are the bold colors sashaying down the New York Fashion Week runways. Be warned: Bold colored velvet is making its presence known on the fall 2017 season.” : “The Velvet in 2017 is very glamorous and sophisticated. It has a bit of its old and refined sort of decadent vibe to it, but then it’s so modern with a mix of 80s and 90s, that it can look so so so incredibly sophisticated. Think of it as vampire luxe done with a dash of rocknroll and glam.” (I’m digging her choice of words) : “Velvet was big in 2016 and I foresee this continuing into 2017 as well. From dresses to pants, to blazers and bodysuits – not to mention shoes – velvet will be hard to avoid in 2017, in particular now during the winter. Personally, I love how velvet instantly screams luxe but it is not necessarily expensive.”

So…he was wrong. I was right, and that was pretty much the primary point of this post. I love alliteration. Personally, I won’t be investing in much velvet. I have seen some tops that were majorly adorable, but they were all shot down in blind ignorance by the aforementioned boyfriend. I have one black velvet miniskirt, and one black velvet dress. Those will most likely have to get me through this trend *sighhhh.

“All a girl needs, at any time in history, is simple velvet and basic diamonds” -Eva Gabor.


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